FiraGO Hebrew

A Talented Volunteer

FiraGO is a multi-script open source project that is based on Fira Sans. In 2016, the geo data provider Here chose Fira Sans as their corporate typeface. Their need for a broader language coverage especially in map applications led them to commission bBox Type GmbH with a global script extension.


Natalie was able to work with bBox Type on both projects, Fira Sans and FiraGO. She is happy to have helped FiraGO to grow into one of the most important open source type families. The Hebrew script extension is designed by her. Reviewed by Yanek Iontef. FiraGO Hebrew has the thinnest Hebrew weight ever created. Wow. And it also offers the full range of Hebrew cantillation marks.  On top, Natalie also helped Mota Italic with the Devanagari script coverage.

FiraGO is for free. It is licenced under OFL and available for download.