The Family Guy

Munny is this dude from far away. The one that is strong-willed. He comes over and wants to make a real difference. He has a vision and wants to contribute to more diversity. He wants to pass a message, without losing his roots.

Munny took his younger siblings Thai, Lao and Burmese who are yet to mature. He travelled a long way from Cambodia and wants to keep up with his big script brother Latin. In fact, he wants to work together. This time his big brother has to follow his and his siblings ideas. Not the other way round, as it is usually handled.

Siblings argue. They make up. They are close. They are distant. They influence each other. One or more are likely to be rather complicated. Their relationship is a constant process, constant work.

Nevertheless, Munny’s aim is to stick together. Not only with his big brother Latin but also with the rest of the family members. He wants to become a strong family. A balanced and versatile one that respects each other. A family where everybody is equally important. This will take time. But Munny is determined he’ll get there.

Munny can also be found in Alphabettes’ header selection!