The Amicable Giant

Oggle comes from an antiquarian book shop in windy, grey, northern England. Until it went on a plane, it used to live in a book. Admittedly, a rather unremarkable little book. With illustrated adverts from 1929 (“Canny Newcastle: Some scattered threads of a romantic story collected and tied in a bunch” by Paul J Brown (Published by Bealls Ltd in 1929).

Well, that was until Natalie took it with her. Even in its new home it kept starring. With kind eyes. But it was obtrusive, oddly shaped and weird. Clearly, it wanted out. It wanted attention. What was Natalie supposed to do? She finally gave in.

Being in charge of it from then on, she was responsible for its well-being. It took some severe polishing, some soft unbending. A careful proposal of new visual directions. One thing is for sure: One day it cannot be overlooked.