The Twofold Auntie

Raikka might just be comparable to your auntie who comes over occasionally. Not young, not old. Walking upright. Slightly chunky appearance. Not to mention, she always wants to talk about text heavy publications such as magazines, journals or books. Quite traditional and smooth, really.

Until the evening that is! After some heavy and spicy drinks she starts moving. Leaning to the right. Throwing some expressive shapes on the dance floor, loosening up. She is more alive, she gets cheeky. Suddenly she wants centre stage. Just like Raikka’s Italic.

Then, the next morning your auntie is back to her old self. But looking closely now, she isn’t as blunt as you might have thought. Similar to Raikka she has a that sharp look in her eyes and distinctive features in her face.

Who would have thought? With her two hearts in one chest auntie Raikka just makes an interesting difference in text after all.